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psychologists and psychiatrists in marbella, fuengirola and malaga

Hernández Psychologists center is one of the most important psychology and psychiatry centers in Marbella, Fuengirola y Malaga, dedicated solely to counseling and treatment in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, sexology and psychiatry.

Directed by psychologist, psychotherapist and sexologist Alejandra Hernández, Hernández Psychologists center’s team believes that the best guarantee for the care and counseling of our clients is given by the degree of professional specialization, for this reason, we offer comprehensive and specific responses to any type of psychological problems.

The long career of our psychologists and psychiatrists is our best guarantee and cognitive-behavioral counseling along with the latest advances in psychology is a proven working model.


We offer you our extensive experience and a deep, brief and effective psychotherapy in each of the centre’s specialisms.

adults psychotherapy

A guide for our clients, a space for reflection and stimulation to transform their difficulties into challenges and satisfaction.
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We provide a range of techniques and tools that for you ro develop the skills and resources needed to solve your sexual problems.
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couples therapy

We offer professional support and individualized keys that will help you feel more comfortable in relationship.
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child psychology

Help your children with professional support to guide you in their development. We offer specialized therapy and counseling.
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adolescent psychology

To assist you in the process of your children growing up, and to deal with difficult situations, we offer professional and serious help through different psychological interventions for adolescent care.
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The psychiatric treatment we provide seeks above all to recover welfare, control and personal autonomy when you feel you have lost it.
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who we are

Hernández Psychologists center is formed by a team of highly qualified psychologists y psychiatrists with extensive experience. Led by psychologist and psychotherapist Alejandra Hernández they provide expertise and teamwork for better comprehensive treatment.

Our Team - Psychologist Marbella / Psychologist Fuengirola / Psychologist Malaga - Hernández Psychologists
Our commitment is responsibility, seriousness and immediate care so that you find the discretion and comfort you are looking for.

Psicólogos Marbella / Psicólogos Málaga / Psicólogos Fuengirola - Hernández Psicólogos

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our treatment is specialized and comprehensive

Thanks to our psychology department, with psychologists specializing in different areas of psychology, who have had excellent training and extensive experience in the design and implementation of all kinds of psychological therapies, and our department of psychiatry, consisting of psychiatrists trained in the best universities and experienced in the most modern psychopharmacological treatments we provide both specific treatments from one of our psychological specialisms, such as treatments directed by psychologists and psychiatrists working together to so that the tratment is developed in the context of a comprehensive approach. In both cases the therapy is personalized and focused on the individual circumstances presented by each case.

our therapy is based on science and human quality

At our centre you will find,

  • The best humane treatment that will provide you emotional support from our psychologists during a delicate and sensitive moment.
  • Psychotherapy and the most effective and innovative treatments, prescribed and directed by a team of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

The effectiveness of our treatments, our team of psychologists and psychiatrists, our experience, our dedication and personalized treatments and our dedication to helping others has made us in recent years one of the psychology and psychiatry centres of reference in Marbella , Fuengirola and Malaga. We are waiting for you.

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real testimonials from our clients

To help you know us better, we have added a section in which we collect the testimonials over the years that our customers have written in different psychology directories on internet.

Una magnífica profesional. Seria, trabajadora, muy eficiente, comprensiva y acertada en los diagnósticos y estrategias para superar esos momentos de bajón. Sin duda una gran profesional que he recomendado a amigos y que lo hago desde aquí.
Domingo (Spanish), MundoPsicologos.com
Tras visitar varios especialistas, visité a Alejandra y me encantó. Es una gran profesional y sobre todo una gran persona con la que me sentí muy cómoda en todo momento. Gracias a ella he podido superar muchos miedos
soniamayo (Spanish), yelp.es
He conocido a muchos psicólogos y Alejandra ha sido una de las pocas que ha sabido ayudarme. Gracias a ella entendí por fin perfectamente lo que me pasaba y pude solucionarlo. Una gran profesional en la que se puede confiar. La recomiendo!!
Olga D (Spanish), doctoralia.es
Solo tengo palabras positivas para Alejandra..ademas de su profesionalidad es una persona muy cercana y conectas con ella des el minuto uno..a mi me ha ayudado muchísimo y ella sabe lo agradecida q estoy por lo que aprendí con ella.
Anonymous (Spanish), doctoralia.es
Hola, soy Candela, y Alejandra me ayudó muchisimo! es mas, ya dejé de ir porque me siento mucho mejor, me encantan las técnicas que me dio, para los pensamientos y emociones y también de respiración muchisimas gracias!!
Candela (Spanish), www.11870.com
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From the beginning our center has worked with various companies and institutions. Always driven by our vocation, we have brought the best of us, helping to achieve the goals of the projects we have in common and especially helping people.